Repiping Services

Premier Mechanical is proud to provide fast and high quality repiping services. Over time, the pipes in your home can start to deteriorate and corrode. While this is simply a fact of life, it still is an inconvenient and frustrating thing to have happen. That’s why the plumbers atPremier Mechanical work so hard to make sure that each job we do is high quality and done as quickly as possible. We want each of our customers to be blown away by how good our workmanship is. We know that you rely heavily on your plumbing system and we want you to get back to your normal routine as soon as possible. When you need repiping services, call Premier Mechanical. Our plumbers are highly trained, respectful and entirely professional. We would love to work with you to put in a new set of pipes at your home. We also provide repiping services and plumbing services throughout Southeastern CT. Call us today to learn more about the plumbing repiping that we provide.

We Provide Repiping Services

Sometime it can be hard for homeowners to know when it’s time to get repiping. We often get calls from homeowners who assume that they just need more plumbing repairs. But often it actually makes more financial sense to just replace the entire piping system instead of completing more repairs on it. If you need plumbing repair service, make sure that you call Premier Mechanical. Our plumbers have years of experience working with repiping projects of all different types. We can help you determine if repiping is right for your home.

  • Rust – If you’re starting to get rust–colored water in your home, it likely means that the pipes in your home are starting to rust. This can happen with homes that have old plumbing—especially if that plumbing is galvanized steel.
  • Strange odor – Another sign that you may need to get repiping for your home is if your water starts to have a strange odor. This can mean that there is a build–up of minerals in your home’s water supply.
  • Water Leaks – While leaking pipes can happen to plumbing systems at any time, if your home’s piping is old and it needs leak repairs often, it might be easier and more cost effective to get repiping for your home.
  • Low water pressure – Low water pressure can indicate that you have a large leak or that your water main is clogged with sediment or minerals. A full inspection of your plumbing system should be done to determine if plumbing repairs or plumbing repiping should be performed.
  • Age of home – Before any plumbing repairs are performed at your home, you should always consider the age of the plumbing system. While many of these problems can sometimes warrant simple repairs, if your home’s plumbing system is 15–25 years old you may want to seriously consider repiping.

Need Help Replacing Your Pipes? We Can Help!

If you’ve decided that repiping your home is the best option for you, one of the main decisions that you’ll have to make is what kind of piping material you want to use. While copper is still the most common piping material used for plumbing systems, there are plastic pipe alternatives that do have some attractive benefits to homeowners. Copper piping is very durable and provides many years of good plumbing service. However, copper is very expensive. Plastic alternatives tend to be less expensive and in certain cases may actually take less time to install because they can simply be bent around corners. You should always consult with a professional plumber before you decide which material is right for your home.

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