A lot of attention is devoted to heat pumps and newer technologies in the discussion of energy efficient heating, and while these systems are indeed very energy efficient there are other options. A high–quality radiant heating, for example, works on a simple premise and delivers highly effective, efficient heating power. If you’re interested in the installation of a radiant heating system or have any questions about the installation or operation of these systems call the professionals at Premier Mechanical. We’ll help you decide if radiant heating is right for your Connecticut home.

How Radiant Heating Works

Radiant heating applies direct heat to the floor, walls or ceilings of a building. The heat is transferred directly from the heat source to people and objects in the room. This is dependent on infrared radiation, and is the same effect as when you feel the heat from a hot stovetop on the opposite side of the room. There are a number of different radiant heating options, from aluminum panels mounted in your walls or ceilings that are heated with electricity or hot water to floor heating systems using tubes or cables. However you choose to utilize radiant heating in your home it is important that your home radiant heating system is serviced only by qualified professionals.

Radiant Heating System Maintenance and Repair Service

Radiant heating systems do not rely on ductwork or many moving parts to heat your home, making their maintenance needs simpler than other home heating options. However, should a problem with your radiant heating system develop it is important that you have it dealt with immediately. Any system depending on circulating fluids in your home presents the possibility for a leak, and a leak within your walls, floor or ceiling can cause damage quickly. Routine, professional maintenance from Premier Mechanical can keep your, Mystic, CT, East Lyme and North Stonington, CT area, radiant heating system operating effectively, efficiently and safely. When a problem does occur we have the training and experience necessary to fix the situation quickly, sparing your home as much damage as possible.

Radiant heating gives you flexibility. Radiant systems work with any kind of floor covering – hardwood, tile and carpet. And they can be installed over or under existing sub-floors, in concrete slabs and in walls or baseboards. Our company was established in Mystic, CT and we continue to operate in East Lyme, North Stonington, CT and Stonington, CT


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